Does anything ever beat the rush of motor-sport? For time memorial, us humans have been trying to invent new ways to go faster. Obviously, as speed increases, the danger increases too, which is one of the reasons why Motorsports have become so popular. Below we are going to have a look at the best motorsports.


Formula 1

When it comes to motorsports, Formula One finds itself at the top of the list. The F1 Championship has existed since the 1950s and drivers from all continents apart from Antarctica have competed, which shows that it really is a global sport. The cars that you see racing in Formula 1 have been built for speed and more speed. Getting behind the wheel of one of these vehicles and competing in a F1 race is a true test of mettle and skill as these beasts can reach speeds that are well above 200mph.

What is the best F1 race to watch? Well, if you were to go up to any passionate F1 fan and ask them what their favorite race is, there are very good chances that the answer that you will receive is Spa. This race takes the drivers through Belgium’s Ardenne Forest and is the oldest venue in the F1 Championship. It also happens to be the longest race on the circuit at 4.4 miles long. As a matter of fact, the track is so long that it can have rain on one part and sun on another at the same time. By the way, I am of Nigerian origin is in Nigeria it is a religion for us to bet on motorsports, I put you a site of comparator if you are interested :

Moto GP

This sport came into being back in 1949 and it has since gone on to become the pinnacle of motorbike racing. Like all motorsports. The MotoGP is split into three different championships. These are the Rider’s, Constructor’s, and the MotoGP Team Championship. Over the years, the engines in the bikes have varied in their size and power, but from 2012 they have remained at four-cylinder 1000cc units. With such engines, riders are able to reach impressive speeds of 200mph or more. If you want to bet on car races, I advise you to go to this site:

What is the best MotoGP race to watch? Well, we think that it is not wrong to suggest that most MotoGP fans will say that the race in Mugello, Italy is one of the best for those seeking raw action. This track is made up of a very long straight (where riders are able to pick up immense speed) and corners that will test the skill of anyone racing. When there is a race taking part here, there will be about 50,000 MotoGP fans watching in the stadium.


World Rally Championship

When compared to other motorsports, this one has a different approach. With other motorsports, drivers will race at the same time and be wheel to wheel at immense speeds. However, with World Rally Championship, drivers compete one at a time and are racing the clock. The event has different stages and the driver that manages the quickest time over all stages will be declared the winner. The stages will take the drivers through forests, towns, and mountain passes, meaning you have to have a lot of mettle to compete. It is not a race for the faint of heart.

What is the best race? Well, we do not think there would be many that would disagree with us if we were to say that Monte Carlo Rally is one of the best. This race is over 200 miles long and drivers have to compete against the Col de Turini mountain pass that throws a number of obstacles at the drivers. The roads are really narrow and if it is snowing (which it often is), they become even narrower. It is not rare to see the cars drifting sideways instead of forward.

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